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The Release Ceremony of BalletTown Brand of outlet (china) in Foshan of Guangdong

  BalletTown, What a Wonderful World!       Foshan makes the world-class fashion platform in Pearl River Delta
—— The Release Ceremony of BalletTown Brand of outlet (china)

  On October 29, 2010, Foshan Golden Sun Hotel observed the grand opening of the Release Ceremony (Foshan) of BalletTown Brand of outlet (china), which was the third Release ceremony of BalletTown Brand after the launch event in Beijing and Huzhou in September of this year. Executive leaders of outlet (china) have attended the launch event, such as Mr. Liu Xiaoguang who is the general manager of Beijing Capital Group, the president of Beijing Capital Land, and the director of the board of outlet (china) Limited, and Mr. Lin Zhuoyan who is the Chairman of the board of outlet (china) etc. In addition, BalletTown Brand which is the New Downtown led by Outlets has been released officially in the conference, and the strategic planning for outlet (china) has been introduced.

  outlet (china) – The Comprehensive Operator for New-type Modern Business Industry and New-type Modern Service Industry

  At the present, Chinese economy develops at a top speed, and urbanization likes a piece of grand and magnificent symphony, playing glorious composition which makes the world shocked. “Large scale business MALL” emerges in large numbers one after another, “urban complex” vies with one another, and all kinds of new-type urban construction concepts emerge in endlessly. However, “BalletTown” –New Downtown led by Outlets and released by outlet (china) at this time, can be spoken to be a significant pattern innovation in Chinese urban construction and development, which initiates compound-type high-end commercial property operation new pattern combing landed property and industries.

  Regarding Outlets Famous Discount Store as the leader, “BalletTown” gathers various business shapes, to form a New Downtown combining Outlets business cluster, leisure and vacation industry, and high-quality residence together. In the planning of outlet (china), BalletTown will develop four-stage advance all around China: according to the difference of Chinese each province, city, and region in economic growth level and amount, Outlets plans to invest to construct “Outlets Modern Service Industrial District” in five economic developed areas, that is, in South China, East China, Central China, North China, and Northeast of China; create “Outlets Modern Service Industrial District (Garden)” in municipalities and main provincial capitals; and build “Outlets Custom Village” and “Vocation and Shopping Village” in most of provincial capitals and scenery tourist area of important prefecture-level cities. 

  From this, the significant blueprint of outlet (china) has been unfolded, and we have reasons to believe that as the stage of global fashion new life, “BalletTown” will dance a lot of romantic and gorgeous urban ballets. And outlet (china) will be the guider of world Outlets industry.

  BalletTown, the Fashion New Life Style all around the World

  BalletTown derives from the living lab concept of “urban ballet” and “New Downtown” and letter “Town” represents romance, moisturizing, and wealth, which forms the fashion new life style all around the world. The strategic mode of BalletTown is “3+X” with distinctive features, which is a kind of compound function mode, regarding Outlets Famous Brand Discount Store as the leader, and combining modern comprehensive business groups, leisure residence, and resource industries with local features. As the core of 3+ X modes, there are five advantages in Outlets Famous Brand Discount Center, namely famous international first-class brand, competitive price, sufficient supplies, comfortable shopping environment, and authoritative and professional operation teams. Many service facilities are set around Outlets, such as conferences and exhibitions, hotel tour, foodstuff, and entertainment. And at the same time, giving priority to the elegant sloping roof villa style in Spain and combining the leisure residence of European style bring people the life experience with international custom.

  What is worthy to be mentioned is that “BalletTown” will develop resource industries with local features according to Foshan local features. Combining the unique tourism resources of Fosha and forming large-scale industrial chain with industries owns local features, such as golf and hot spring around, to promote the industrial upgrade in Foshan even in the whole Pearl River Delta. Develop famous brand road on the basis of the existing diversified and multilevel traffic networks, to achieve the traffic system connecting BalletTown directly. The new-type modern industrial mode of BalletTown will become the integrated life platform for new human, new ideal, new fashion, and new life.

  BalletTown, the core and engine for the development in Foshan

  Sanshui is located in the middle part of Guangdong province and in the northwest of Pearl River Delta, which is one of five administrative regions of Foshan city—the third largest city in Guangdong province, which is also the joint point of Guangzhou-Foshan economic circle and Guangzhou – Zhaoqing economic circle, and there are some obvious advantages in traffic, land resources, and ecology environment. On the basis of considering the location advantage of Sanshui, outlet (china) select to “settle” BalletTown project in Sanshui district of Foshan.

  BalletTown Foshan project covers an area of more than three thousand mus, which is a high-end compound landed property project combining leisure, vocation & shopping special zone, world customs living city, and New Downtown together. As a New Downtown, BalletTown will improve living environment and bring about fashion life the same as the world. And its core, Outlets Famous Brand Discount Center, collects the essence of world brands, and the competitive discount and conformable shopping environment are enough to meet customers’ consumptive demand for famous brands. And at the same time, BalletTown will become the stage for Chinese excellent brands and world first-class brands to show their elegant demeanor together, enlarging Chinese brand influence, which will let customers know again the powerful competitiveness of local brands at the time of enjoying the international experience brought by international first-class brands.

  BalletTown Foshan project will become the economic engine and industrial power for Foshan’s development and construction, promoting the internationalization process of Foshan city as well as enhancing the local modern service level, so as to highlight the important position of Foshan in Guangzhou – Foshan economic circle, which will bring about a great number of jobs and taxes, becoming the powerful and everlasting driving force for promoting Foshan economic development. BalletTown is also one of ten major projects in Guangdong province, which will drive the consumption of famous brands in the whole Guangdong province, promote upgrade industries in the whole Pearl River Delta, and become a new growth point for the economic growth in Guangdong province. 

  outlet (china), the Comprehensive Operation Platform for World-Class Outlets

  outlet (china) integrates internationalized resources, including internationalized investment and financing platform, brand supplier, business operation management teams, and planning and design platform, and gathers glob

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