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The Grand Ceremony of Breaking Ground of Outlets Modern Service Industrial Zone in Gongqing City, China

 On Dec.18, 2010, the Ground Breaking Ceremony of Outlets Modern Service Industrial Zone of Gongqing City, China was held in Gongqing City, Jiangxi. The Vice-governor of Jiangxi Hong Lihe, Deputy Secretary General of Provincial People’s Government Hu Shizhong, Secretary of Jiujiang Municipal party of CPC Zhong Ligui, Mayor Zeng Qinghong, member of Standing Committee of CPC City Committee and Party Secretary of Development Zone of Gongqing City Li Xiaogang and other heads of government, together with the Chairman Lin Zhuoyan, Vice President of the Strategy and Investment Committee of the company, Chen Chunliang, the Director Richard Vinconneau and other high-level superintendents of the company were present at the ceremony.

 Chairman Lin Zhuoyan made his speech on the ceremony, elaborating at large the creative model, “BalletTown”, of real estate in the new circumstances and introducing the strategy planning of the company. He pointed out that, as the investor and operator of the new business model, the company was to create a modern business industry headed by outlets brand discount shopping mall at the peripheral urbanization or in-betweens of the cities, and finally formed a new city center featuring by outlets business collections, leisure and high-quality residence. To date, the Outlets BalletTown has rooted in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Beijing, and will be expanded to the national territory gradually, pushing the continued and healthy development of China’s modern service industry.

 Chairman Lin believed that it would be the emphasis of the government in their 12th Five Year Plan to enhance the coordinated development of cities at all levels and small towns, promote consumption growth and optimize and up-grading industries. The positioning of the BalletTown had obviously kept up with the pace of the plan. It would build a tremendous industrial cluster through integration of high-end products, high-profile brands and top-end services, to push forward the upgrading of local economic industries and to tap the great consumption potentials in the future.    

 The Vice-governor  Hong Lihe pointed out during the media interview, that the Outlets project featured brand new philosophy and unique living style, the settling of the project would largely raise the development level of Gongqingcheng, Jiujiang, as well as the level of the modern service industry in Nanchang. The strategy to mainly develop the central part of Jiangxi had upgraded into the national strategy until now and would enjoya great momentumn. It was foreseen that the Outlets Modern Service Industry Zone would have bright prosperity. 
 The project has already been listed in the key projects of Jiangxi province.


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Video report of the breaking ground ceremony on CCTV-2


The foundation stone of the “BalletTown” project of Outlets of Gongqing City

The president Lin Zhuoyan making his speech on the ceremony

The president Lin Zhuoyan laying foundation stone for the “BalletTown” project 

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