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Lin Zhuoyan and his delegation visited "Serravalle Designer", the largest outlet in Italy

    On June 4, 2011, Daniela Bricola, representative of MCARTHURGLEN (an Italian outlet management corporation) and General Manager of Serravalle Designer Outlet, met with Lin Zhuoyan, Chairman of Outlet Association of China General Chamber of Commerce (OACGCC) and other members of the association in her company's headquarters.

    Bricola expressed welcome to Lin and other members of OACGCC. She made a detailed introduction to Lin on MCARTHURGLEN's state and Serravalle Designer Outlet's history, store distribution, operational performance and business strategies. She accompanied Lin and his delegation to conduct an overall investigation of Serravalle Designer Outlet. Lin stopped at different brand stores where he asked Bricola for each store's operational performance and brand distribution, and the latter offered him detailed explanations.

 Daniela Bricola accompanied Lin Zhuoyan to visit a PRADA Store

 Daniela Bricola introduced Lin Zhuoyan with Serravalle Designer Outlet's decoration standards and requirements

    Lin appreciated Bricola for her hospitality and accompany. At the request of Bricola, Lin introduced her with the basic information about OACGCC. Lin said that Italy is founder of numerous global well-known brands, and it boasts for the state-of-the-art outlet industry across the world. PRADA, GUCCI, VERSACE, ZEGNA and other top-ranking brands are known for their high-end taste and enduring glamour. As symbol of status and wealth, these brands are favorites of global consumers and especially appreciated by the commercial circle. The Italians own extraordinary inspiration and creativity due to the national customs, cultural deposits, climate, geology and other factors. The products made in Italy are fancied by customers across the world. Meanwhile, the Italian governmental departments, especially the relevant industrial associations, are playing an irreplaceable role in fostering brand development. In this sense, the achievements of those Italian brands represent the different associations' success and maturity in guiding commercial development.

    Lin continued saying that China is a developing country where the outlets are at a primary stage. It's understandable that they are encountering with tremendous problems and challenges in industrial layout, formulation of operational plans and management strategies. OACGCC is not mature enough to lead outlet development and establish industrial norms. He intended to learn more outlet management experiences and ideals through this investigation in Italy. And he expected to design a reasonable layout for the Chinese outlets under the guidance and help of global outlet chambers and operators, set up a scientific industrial management system so as to promote the Chinese outlets to develop on a healthy track.

      Bricola showed admiration for OACGCC'ssense of mission and social responsibility as well as respect for Lin's far-sightedness. After carefully listening his description of OACGCC'sfuture plans, Bricola concluded in the end that the outlet industry in China and in the world at large has stepped onto a completely new stage where China is sure to become the third growth point for the global outlets in the 21st C. It is expected to change the landscape where Europe remains guiding the fashion trend since the 19th C and dominates the fashion industry with the US in the 20th C. In the near future, it is likely to read a new page in fashion history which is jointly written by China, Europe and the US.

 Lin Zhuoyan (R) with Daniela Bricola

    After the meeting, Bricola held a banquet to OACGCC's delegation.

By Wang Xiangyu

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