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Leaders from Jilin City visited Outlet (China)

    On the morning of March 11, Zhao Jingbo, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jilin Municipal Committee, Mayor of Jilin City, and delegate to the NPC, paid a visit to Outlet (China) Limited in Beijing with his delegation while he was participating the 1st Session of the 12th National People's Congress. Zhao intended to bring new development models into Jilin and effectively carry out the decisions of the NPC and CPPCC, which will facilitate the city to find out driving forces and space for sustainable development, and resolve the thorny livelihood problems about commodity price, housing, education, medical care, health and employment.


Zhao Jingbo invited Outlet (China) to conduct an investment survey of Jilin

    Zhao introduced the general situation and development blueprint of Jilin, and unfolded the attainment and prospect of "Jilin High-tech Zone at the State Level". He pointed out that Jilin possesses favorable location advantages since it is geometric center of Northeast Asia and core of the "Changchun-Jilin-Tumen River Economic Zone". By relying on the high-tech zone as a base, Jilin is on the way to vigorously develop the new industries and businesses, as well as tourism and other types of modern service, and endeavor to uplift the level of an ecofriendly and livable city. Zhao earnestly invited our company to conduct an investment survey to Jilin and choose the city to be its next target of investment.


Leaders from Jilin are discussing with Outlet (China) about cooperation作

    The leaders from Outlet (China) who attended the meeting were Jiang Wanyong, Senior Vice President; Xiao Baiyou, Office Director of Board of Directors; Zeng Xian, Vice President; and Cai Jianwu, Assistant to President, etc. Jiang spoke highly of Jilin for its great development potential and livable environment, and appropriated for its high attention to and foresight of the modern service sector. In the meeting, the both sides further discussed the development models of modern cities and their correlation with the outlet, tourism and senior care, and expected in-depth cooperation when opportunities have arrived.

    Jilin City, the second largest city in Jilin Province, has been hailed as "River City in North China". It is known for a long history, dense cultural and artistic atmosphere and superior natural environment. There are mountains and rivers, adequate hydroelectricity, rich tourism resources and picturesque scenery, so it deserves the honor as the "Best Commercial City in China" awarded by Forbes for two years in a row.

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