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Laying Foundation for Harbin "BalletTown"


——Building Outlet "BalletTown" into the world-class fashion platform

    On May 14, 2013, a grand foundation-laying ceremony for Harbin "BalletTown" project, one of the key business & investment solicitation initiatives in Heilongjiang province, was held in Shanshui new downtown, Acheng district of Harbin city. After the project startups in Fangshan district of Beijing, Huzhou city of Zhejiang, Foshan city of Guangdong, Wanning city of Hainan, Taian city of Shandong, and Gongqingcheng city of Jiangxi, Harbin "BalletTown" marks that Outlet (China) has stepped forward to layout such projects in Greater China. The ceremony elaborated on brand connotation of the "BalletTown" which is an innovative estate model in a new environment, and unveiled the latest strategic plan of Outlet (China), demonstrating philosophy of the "BalletTown" is to "benefit the people, for the people and serve the people". Since then on Outlet (China) will further widen its modern industrial development system, and march toward objective of urbanization in a whole-hearted, all-out and all-round manner.


Leaders of Outlet (China) and officials from concerned departments, committees, municipal and provincial governments

    "BalletTown"--- to build a high-quality commercial "aircraft carrier flagship"

     Owing to its business constellation effect, the Outlet has formed a powerful industrial chain covering diverse business formats. It pays attention to developing new-type consumption patterns, expanding new-type service consumption constantly, and upgrading consumption structure effectively. The "BalletTown", through reasonable allocation of internationalized outlets and commercial service clusters, involves global brand discount store, modern and comprehensive business clusters, star-level resort hotel, low-carbon residence, brand shopping, recreation, vocation, tourism, culture, conference, catering, entertainment, and distinctive commerce. In a word, it spares no effort in building itself into a commercial "aircraft carrier flagship".

   What is more worth mentioning, thanks to high attention and correct leadership of the CPC Harbin Municipal Committee and People's Government, Harbin "BalletTown" features flexibility in the use of "3+X" multi-functional and complex model: "3" indicates outlets, modern service cluster, livable and recreational residence which serve as a basis, whereas "X" refers to advantages from the local Jinyuan Cultural Tourism Zone, historic and human landscape, and resource development. A combination of "3" and "X" will constitute a new-type industrial model, and an integrated platform for a new generation to embrace new dreams, new fashion and new life.

     New city center – source power boosting up economic development

    At present, while encountering with a complicated and volatile development climate both home and abroad, as well as ever more fierce market competition, Outlet (China) is actively innovating its development strategy. Harbin "BalletTown" will help the company open a new chapter in its project layout in northeast China. The "BalletTown" will promote steady and upward economic performance of Harbin, build a long-term mechanism to expand local people's consumption, release urban residents' consumption potentials, increase income of both urban and rural residents, and shape a benign consumption expectation. In addition, the "BalletTown" is also a powerful and enduring source power for Harbin to continue urban construction, industrial upgrading, improvement of living environment, and cause of urbanization.

    The "BalletTown" project, located in Shanshui new downtown of Acheng district, is about 40 minutes' drive to the urban area of Harbin. The project boasts congenital resource advantages, i.e., it spans across the beautiful Ashi River and faces mountain and waters in three sides. After Changjiang road is open to traffic, it will cost only 20 minutes to drive from Acheng to the urban area of Harbin, so Acheng is already covered into the "half-hour economic life circle" of Harbin. The project, which is an engine driving development of the new city center, has fit itself into development environment of the metropolis.

    The official foundation-laying ceremony of Harbin "BalletTown" marks that a large business composite with outlets as anchor will become a new platform providing internationalized service to "Northeast Asia Economic Circle". Through resultant force of modern service industrial cluster, this project will excavate and release great potentials of the city to advance urbanization, it will undoubtedly inject powerful impetus into economic growth of Harbin -- "City of Ice and Snow".

    Those who were present at the ceremony included He Jihai, former vice minister of Ministry of Commerce; Hou Yunchun, chairman of China Enterprise Evaluation Association; Li Jiayin, member of the CPPCC; Wang Xiaoxi, member of the CPC Harbin Municipal Standing Committee and secretary of the Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs of Harbin; Huang Yusheng, member of Party Leadership Group and secretary-general of Harbin Municipal Government; Wang Tieli, Acheng district chief; as well as the leaders from Outlet (China), like vice chairman Chen Chunliang; president Cui Shuqiang; senior vice president Jiang Wanyong; and director Richard Vinconneau, etc. 

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