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Zhang Tianxin, secretary with the CPC Kunming Committee, visited Outlet (China)

    On July 12, 2013, Zhang Tianxin, standing committee member and secretary with the CPC Yunnan MunicipalCommittee, led a delegation to visit Outlet China (Limited) in Beijing and exchanged views with the company's chairman Lin Zhuoyan. The two sides reached lots of consensuses in the end.

     Lin expressed welcome to Zhang and his delegation. He commended that Kunming is one of the most livable cities in the world, and an important step on the strategic layout of the "BalletTown" projects. To date, the "BalletTown" projects are already kicked off in Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hainan, Liaoning, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Shandong and Heilongjiang. Each of them is listed by the local government as one of the ten key projects in the locality and received vigorous support. And the "BalletTown" project has turned out to live up to everyone's expectations, i.e., it can effectively drive up the local economic growth and improve the development level of the local service industry. Lin expressed that, with a view to the company's long-term development and strategic layout of projects, the site selection for the "BalletTown" has undergone strict and scientific procedures. Lots of governments have expressed willingness to bring in the "BalletTown" projects.

Lin Zhuoyan is discussing with Zhang Tianxin and other leaders

    Zhang appreciated Lin's hospitality and said that though the "BalletTown" is a brand-new model, its rapid layout across China has proved its vitality and vigor. It is not only a far sight of Outlet (China), but an inevitable choice for economic development. So Kunming shall grasp this golden opportunity to bring in the "BalletTown" project. The city itself owns lots of advantages like pleasant weather, long history, sound ecological environment andprofound commercial foundation. Besides, the CPC Kunming Municipal Committee and Government will, by "opening a green passage, organizingprofessionals, creating favorable conditions and providing quality services", join in the construction of the "BalletTown" project.The entire Kunming city has been yearning for this project and expects it to raise the local land value, create more jobs, increase tax revenue, and bring benefits to the common people. The CPC committee and government promised to provide the "BalletTown" with one-stop services from project planning and examination, granting land quota toenvironmental impact assessment, and it will immediately authorize deputy mayor Yang Yong and his team to link with the preliminary work done by Outlet (China).

     Lin thanked Zhang for his positive attitude toward the "BalletTown" which has boosted up his confidence to build this project in the city. "Kunming boasts unique tourism resources, boundless business opportunities and broad market space, as well as government'svigorous support. We will think over the feasibility of introducing the "BalletTown" into Kunming, and do a good job in site section by working jointly with the local government.

     Those who were attending the meeting included Liu Wenwei, standing committeemember and secretary-general withthe CPC Kunming Committee; RuanFengbin and Yang Yongming, deputy mayors of Kunming; Yin Xudong, deputy secretary-general with Kunming government and director with Kunming Planning Bureau; Gui Chun, director with the Investment Promotion Agency; Zeng Qing, deputy director with the General Office under the government; Chen Zhuwu, deputy director with the Standing Committee Office under the General Office of the government; RenBicheng, division chief with the Comprehensive No. 1 Division under the General Office; ShuJingyi, staff with the secretariat under the General Office; as well as Chen Chunliang, vice chairman with Outlet China's Strategy & Investment Decision Committee; vice president Sun Haifeng; Liu Xiping, general manager with the Business Development center.


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