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The Exhibition Center of Zhejiang BalletTown•YiJing Project was Open to Public

    The exhibition center of Zhejiang BalletTown•YiJing Project was open to public on November 6, 2011. Those who were present at the grand opening ceremony included Hu Qizhi, excellent contestant from "China's Got Talent" show, and over 200 distinguished guests such as governmental leaders, new and old property owners and media professionals.

    In the opening ceremony Hu Qizhi showed his high skills with a crystal ball, which was an incredibly fantastic visual feast. In the event the guests were given opportunities to experience the products constituting Zhejiang BalletTown•YiJing Project, take a rest, or watch the exciting performances in the out-field, which echoed with the essence of  a fashionable urban life, namely, holidays, entertainments and relaxing activities.

    Zhejiang BalletTown•YiJing Project seats at the national 4A South Taihu Lake Resort--8km from Huzhou urban area and core of the Yangtze River Delta. It is surrounded by such major cities as Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou and Nanjing which are like stars twinkling around the bright moon. Huzhou City is run through by No.104 and 318 national roads as well as Xuancheng-Hangzhou Railway (Xuan-Hang Line), Hangzhou-Ningbo Railway (Hang-Ning Line), Shanghai-Ningbo Railway (Hu-Ning Line) and Shanghai-Suzhou-Zhejiang-Anhui (Shen-Su-Zhe-Wan) Expressway. By depending on such uniquely favorable geological location and traffic conveniences, the BalletTown•YiJing Project will see its influence radiate the entire Yangtze River Delta. In addition to traffic advantages, this project also boasts lots of scarce natural resources in the southern area of the Taihu Lake, e.g. there is top-ranking landscape along the Taihu Lake and Changdou Port. In order to fully utilize the value of the original wetland, the local government has specially built a community wetland park which is the largest one of this type in Huzhou so as to create a living environment filled with infinite negative oxide ion for the residents.

    Zhejiang BalletTown•YiJing Project will become a shining pearl in the Yangtze River Delta featuring the highest investment value and dazzling the public with brilliant rays.


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