Development Strategy

Project in Fangshan,Beijing

Fangshan District, subordinate to Beijing, located at the junction of North China Plain and Taihang Mountain, is the southwest gateway of the capital, which is 25 kilometers away from the capital (Liuliqiao), with a total area of 2019 square kilometers. Fangshan has a long history and has always been known as the source of “people”, “city” and “capital”. Fangshan has convenient transportation, including Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Beijing-Kunming Expressway, and rail transit lines such as Beijing subway Fangshan line and Beijing subway Yanfang line. It is only half an hour’s drive from Beijing Daxing International Airport, and one hour’s drive from Xiong’an New District and the core area of the capital.

The outlets project in Fangshan, Beijing, with outlets discount stores for famous brands as the core, integrates commercial and tourism resources of Fangshan and even Beijing area, and allocates high-quality residence, leisure and entertainment, catering and other formats, forming a new modern industrial mode, and becoming an integrated and international living platform for new fashion and new life.

The new urban center led by Beijing outlets will introduce a new fashion life style that is truly synchronized with the world, bring the world’s top fashion to China, allow residents to enjoy the world style, inject wealth power into the city, and build a new life stage of world fashion. A new city of international style is quietly rising in this best place.