Development Strategy

Duofu Project in Ziyang,Sichuan

Ziyang, located in the central part of Sichuan Basin, bordering Chengdu (87 kilometers) and Deyang in the north, Neijiang in the south, Chongqing and Suining in the east, and Meishan in the west, is the regional center city connecting “dual cores” of Chengdu and Chongqing simultaneously in Sichuan.

The Project of Duofu Outlets in Ziyang, Sichuan is located in the south of Yanjiang District, the main urban area of Ziyang City, and the west of Jiuqu River, and at the junction of Provincial Highway 106 and National Highway 321. The project is closely connected with S106 provincial highway and Ziyang urban area in the north, adjacent to the planned urban commercial and residential area in the south, G321 national highway in the east, and facing Suining-Ziyang-Meishan Expressway Interchange Bridge that will be completed. The land of the project has good traffic conditions, superior regional location and increasingly perfect supporting facilities, which has great development potential and conditions. The total planned construction area of this project is 802,619.34 square meters, including 649,254.55 square meters for above-ground capacity construction and 212,013.22 square meters for commercial use.