Development Strategy

Project in Wanning,Hainan

Wanning, a county-level city in Hainan Province, is located in the southeast of Hainan Island, adjacent to Nanhai in the East, Qiongzhong County in the west, Lingshui County in the South and Qionghai City in the north, with a total area of 1883.5 square kilometers. Hainan’s ring expressway and Hainan’s circumjacent island railway both pass through Wanning, and there are three railway stations including Wanning station. Wanning has Dongshanling, the “first mountain in Hainan”, Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden and other scenic spots.

The outlets project in Wanning, Hainan is located 600 meters away from the exit of Lianhua Village on the east line of Hainan Island, which is the first pure outlets with the largest scale and the richest commercial formats in Hainan Island, with discount stores for international brands as the core and the new consumption mode integrating catering, entertainment and leisure and vacation.

The total construction area for commerce is 180,000 square meters, of which the construction area for outlets is 100,000 square meters. Project planning: 290 stores and 2,000 parking spaces; opened in June 2014, sales of nearly 500 million that year, and passenger flow exceeding one million; passenger flow exceeding 600,000 during National Day in 2014 and Spring Festival in 2015, sales exceeding 30 million, and nearly a thousand tourist groups received.