Development Strategy

Project in Dezhou,Shandong

Dezhou, the transportation hub and economic center in the border region of Hebei Province and Shandong Province, and the new energy industry base of Shandong Province, is located in East China, Northwest Shandong and the alluvial plain of the lower Yellow River, which is the northwest gate of Shandong Province. Dezhou, an excellent tourist city in China and the main hub city of national transportation, is located in the intersection area of Bohai Rim Economic Circle, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Circle, Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone and Yellow River Delta Efficient Ecological Economic Zone.

The Project of Outlets in Dezhou, Shandong is planned to cover an area of 731 mu; It introduces the international advanced business development mode -- a new urban center integrating outlets, riverside wetland park, ecological residential areas, commercial offices, etc.